Subject librarians

Laurier Liaison Librarians with department and contact information
Subjectsort ascending First name Last name Send email (
Youth and Children's Studies Pauline Dewan pdewan
Women and Gender Studies Joanne Oud joud
User Experience Design Mark Weiler mweiler
Theological education Greg Sennema gsennema
Spiritual care and psychotherapy Greg Sennema gsennema
Spanish Pauline Dewan pdewan
Sociology Anne Kelly akelly
Social Work Meredith Fischer mefischer
Social and Environmental Justice Irene Tencinger itencinger
Religion and Culture Greg Sennema gsennema
Psychology Mark Weiler mweiler
Political Science Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
Policing and Public Safety Michelle Goodridge mgoodridge
Physics Debbie Chaves dchaves
Philosophy Joanne Oud joud
North American Studies Peter Genzinger pgenzinger
Music: Community Music Greg Sennema gsennema
Music Therapy Greg Sennema gsennema
Music Greg Sennema gsennema
Mediterranean Studies Pauline Dewan pdewan
Medieval Studies Meredith Fischer mefischer
Mathematics Debbie Chaves dchaves
Legal Information Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
Leadership Irene Tencinger itencinger
Law and Society Michelle Goodridge mgoodridge
Languages and Literatures Pauline Dewan pdewan
Kinesiology Debbie Chaves dchaves
Italian Pauline Dewan pdewan
International Public Policy Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
Interdisciplinary Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
Indigenous Studies Irene Tencinger itencinger
Human Rights and Human Diversity Irene Tencinger itencinger
History Greg Sennema gsennema
Health Studies Pauline Dewan pdewan
Health Sciences Debbie Chaves dchaves
Government Information Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
Global Studies Peter Genzinger pgenzinger
Global Governance Hélène LeBlanc hleblanc
German Pauline Dewan pdewan
Geography and Environmental Studies Peter Genzinger pgenzinger
Game Design and Development Michelle Goodridge mgoodridge
French Pauline Dewan pdewan
Finance Yanli Li yli
Film Studies Meredith Fischer mefischer
English Meredith Fischer mefischer
Education Anne Kelly akelly
Economics Yanli Li yli
Economics Matt Rohweder mrohweder
Digital Media and Journalism Pauline Dewan pdewan
Data Science Debbie Chaves dchaves
Data and Statistics Michael Steeleworthy msteeleworthy
Cultural Studies Joanne Oud joud
Cultural Analysis and Social Theory Joanne Oud joud
Criminology Michelle Goodridge mgoodridge
COVID-19 Debbie Chaves dchaves
Computer Science Debbie Chaves dchaves
Communication Studies Peter Genzinger pgenzinger
Classics Greg Sennema gsennema
Chemistry and Biochemistry Debbie Chaves dchaves
Business Technology Management Yanli Li yli
Business Yanli Li yli
Business Matt Rohweder mrohweder
Biology Debbie Chaves dchaves
Archaeology Greg Sennema gsennema
Arabic Pauline Dewan pdewan
Anthropology Peter Genzinger pgenzinger