Research data management

The Laurier Library provides research data management (RDM) services to the university community, including faculty, students, and staff. We provide services, training, and support that help researchers meet their grant agency and publisher RDM obligations. This includes, data management planning (DMPs), data organization and metadata production and analysis, and long-term data archiving with DOIs.

What Data Management services does the Laurier Library provide?

The Laurier Library offers consultative support and technical resources that will serve your RDM needs and obligations. We:

  • Consult on your project’s data management needs
  • Collaborate on writing data management plans tailored to your project and to granting agency requirements
  • Archive your research data for long-term preservation and access
  • Conduct data management sessions and train your team and departments on:
    • Data Policy
    • Metadata Creation
    • Data and Ethics
    • Archiving
    • and other topics

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Who can I contact to talk about RDM?

For more information, contact Research Data Services or Michael Steeleworthy, the Laurier Data Librarian.