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NOTE: Borrowing and lending of print books and physical materials from other libraries are suspended at this time (including TUG and Omni) as most libraries are closed or operating at significantly reduced capacity. The library continues to provide Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services for electronic materials only (e.g. journal articles that can be provided in electronic format).

If you have already placed an ILL request, Library staff will make every effort to follow up with you regarding the status of the request if it has not been filled. No fines will be charged for overdue Library books and other materials not returned during building closures.

If you have questions, please contact us.

How to Search and request books from Omni libraries

There are three groupings of libraries you can request items from in the Omni catalogue.

Laurier and Laurier+Waterloo+Guelph have 2-3 business day delivery times while Laurier+Omni has 5-10 business day delivery times.

These groupings are called "search scopes' and they will automatically appear as options in the drop down box in the simple search once a search term is typed in. They are also viewable as options along the top of the advanced search screen window.

  • Laurier Libraries (search for specific titles at any of the Laurier Libraries)
  • Laurier+Waterloo+Guelph Libraries (limit the scope to find materials located at Laurier, University of Waterloo and/or the University of Guelph Libraries)
    • Under the "How to Get It" section on the full record display screen, you will see a prompt to make a resource sharing request for items held at the University of Waterloo or the University of Guelph" labelled "Borrow from another Omni Library". Note: You must be signed in using your Laurier Network credentials to see the relevant and available request options, otherwise only the "Request it via interlibrary loan" service will display.
  • Laurier+Omni Libraries (scope searches all eligible circulating books at any of the Omni libraries)
  • Video tutorial on how to request books from other libraries in Omni

From universities outside of Omni libraries (Interlibrary Loan)