How to put course readings on reserve

There are 3 options for submitting course reading (reserve) lists:

  • Complete the Ares reserve form located within the Ares system
  • Send requests via email
  • Type or write legibly on request forms available in the Reserve Room

Processing times

  • Reserve requests for print and electronic materials should be submitted by:
    • Fall term: July 15
    • Winter term: November 15
    • Spring term: March 15
    • Summer term: May 15
  • Please note that courses will be processed as expediently as possible on a first-come basis; however, course lists received at the beginning of term may take two weeks to process from the time received.

A list of your materials can be viewed in Ares.

Loan periods for print course readings

  • You choose the loan period for materials on reserve for your class. Possible loan periods are:
    • 3 hours (In Library use only)
    • 1 day

Why should I put readings on reserve?

  • Placing material on Reserve allows quick reliable access to course readings for an entire class in a centralized, easy to find location. Any library materials that will be used by the whole class should be placed on reserve so all students have access.

What can/can't I put on reserve?

How do students find course readings?

End of term procedures

At the end of term, course material will not be left on an active Reserve list for the following semester unless notification is given.

If course material is to come off Reserve, photocopies and personal copies of books will be sent back to the departmental office. Library books will be returned to the shelves. Links to online material will be deleted.

Who to contact