Data management plans

What is a Data Management Plan?

Data management plans (DMP) summarize how you steward your data, both during and after the life of the project. DMPs are written in order to help stakeholders understand:

  • what data will be created or used
  • how the data will be documented and described
  • who owns and who can access the data
  • who is responsible for data management and integrity
  • how long the data will be preserved
  • what resources are required to maintain, access and preserve the data

DMPs are best written during the project inception or grant application phase, but can be considered at any time during the life of the research program.

Funding Agency Expectations and Obligations

The Canadian Tri-Agencies' draft research data policy and their Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management both acknowledge and encourage the development of DMPs as part of a successful grant application.

How do I write a Data Management Plan?

Contact us for help. The Library consults on data management planning. We will sit down with you, assess your needs, and even help you write the document. We will recommend either our DMP toolkit or the Portage DMP Assistant.