Notice of Temporary Service Disruption

In accordance with section 80.48 of the Integrated Accessibility Standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the following facilities and services for users with disabilities have been disrupted:

  1. Use of individual study rooms (Waterloo campus).
    • Description: Individual study rooms are not available for reservation
    • Reason: All library buildings have been temporary closed during the COVID-19 crisis
    • Duration: Until library buildings reopen for students.
    • Alternative facilities: None provided by the library
  2. Use of telephones to contact library.
  3. Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE) print digitization service is currently on hold.
    • Description: Digitization of physical books is presently on hold
    • Reason: The library is unable to access physical items
    • Duration: Until library buildings reopen for staff.
    • Alternative: Although access to already digitized items is available through ACE, no alternative has been identified for digitizing of new items
  4. Retrieval of print materials from shelf
    • Description: Retrieving print material from the shelf for students with disabilities is no longer possible.
    • Reason: While university buildings are closed, the library is unable to access physical items.
    • Duration: Until library buildings reopen
    • Alternative: While physical books are unavailable, books in electronic format can be accessed, including books in the ACE repository. For assistance, email the lbrary accessibility associated, Julie Schnurr.

A document setting out the steps taken in connection with a temporary disruption shall be provided upon request.