Social Determinants of Health

Course #: HE301

Social and Economic Influences on Health

Determinants of health are personal, social, economic and environmental factors that affect the health of individuals and populations. They include:

1.Income and social status

2.Employment and working conditions

3.Education and literacy

4.Childhood experiences

5.Physical environments

6.Social supports and coping skills

7.Healthy behaviouirs

8.Access to health services

9. Biology and genetic endowment




World Health Organization

United States

Searching for Books

  • Subject terms when searching
    • Health status indicators
    • Public health - social aspects
    • Pulic health - economic aspects
    • Social medicine
    • Medical policy - social aspects
    • Health status disparities

Searching for Articles

  • Searching using PICO watch this video
  • Framing the question using PICO video
  • Useful search terms
    • inequity/equity
    • discrimination
    • disparity
    • inequality
    • prejudice
    • injustice
    • racism
    • minority rights
    • women's rights
    • justice
    • income gap
    • fairness

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