Slavery in the United States, 1619-1877

Course #: HI330

Secondary Sources

the following are secondary sources, but depending on the context, could also be primary sources. limiting by date can help isolate primary (e.g, 1800-1875) vs secondary (e.g, 1960

Journals and Magazines

Legal Sources

Primary Sources



There are dozens of sites created by organizations that contain digitized copies of sources. Every site is different, and has different search and browse capabilities. To use these sites:

  • Locate the "about" page to understand the scope of the content
  • look for groups of information beneath a label, e.g., subjects, topics, genre, theme, etc.
  • look for the site search function. If not, google the site, e.g., abolition:
  • look for copyright/usage information. Most will allow for educational use, with attribution