Research Methods for Health Sciences

Course #: HE201

    Developing a Search Strategy

    • formulate a search strategy by thinking about keywords (nouns and/or MeSH terms) that reflect answers to the following questions:
    • EDP(T) search strategy
      • Exposure
      • Disease/condition
      • Population
      • Time

    Searching in PubMed or Medline

    • Use specific Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) like: [analgesics, opiod] or [drug overdose] or [behavior, addictive]
    • Search in MeSH for other terms
    • Search in PubMed for articles or search in Medline where the 'Get it @ Laurier' button will connect you to the full-text of the article
    • Use filters to narrow searches down
      • limit by year
      • limit by age of patient or population
      • limit by geography
      • limit by article type - review or systematic review

    Searching in Web of Science

    • this search strategy uses the Web of Science database to look for references and times cited
    • find a 'pearl' article - hopefully a review article
    • use this title to search in Web of Science
    • once you have the article you can look at the reference list and/or times cited to find more articles
    • Web of Science has the Get it @ Laurier button embedded to allow full-text retrieval of the articles

    Citing with APA

    Annotated Bibliography

    Online Tutorials

    Additional Resources

    Just for Fun