Religions of the Americas I: Indigenous, European and African

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Familiarize yourself with your topic

Academic Sources

Finding books

  • Finding eBooks in Omni
  • Use Omni to identify books
    • Choose "Available electronically"
    • Choose "Books & eBooks"
    • TIP: Look for citation style info along the way

Finding scholarly articles

  • How can I tell if my source is scholarly?
  • Use Omni to identify articles
    • Choose "Available electronically"
    • Choose "Articles"
    • TIP: Look for citation style info along the way
    • limit to "peer-reviewed journals" to get scholarly articles

Narrowing your search for scholarly articles

While Omni can be helpful in finding a lot of material, it often happens that the number of results is overwhelming. If this is the case, consider using a specialized database to find articles in a narrower field. Some examples include:

Finding newspaper articles

  • Finding News articles
  • Use Omni to identify news articles
    • click on "More" at the top of the page and then "Newspapers"
  • The Library subscribes to thousands of newspaper titles from around the world, so if you need help locating particular titles, or topics across a number of papers, contact Greg Sennema


Citation Styles

Example from the Mentimeter poll:

Kappeler, Victor E., et al. The Mythology of Crime and Criminal Justice. 2nd ed., Waveland Press, 1996.

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