LEAF - Writing

Course #: LEAF 4 - BR

Finding books

Use the Omni Catalogue to identify books at Laurier

  • look at "subjects" at left of search results page to find more terms to search
  • limit to Brantford Campus Library to find books in Brantford

Finding scholarly articles

Start with the Omni catalogue

  • use the "peer-reviewed journals" link to get scholarly articles

Differences between Scholarly and Popular Sources

Finding newspaper articles

Start with the Omni Catalogue

  • click on "More" at the top of the page and then "Newspapers"

Search tips

Choose good search terms

Evaluate your sources

  • Relevance - Does this information answer my research question?
  • Authority - Who wrote this, and who did they cite?
  • Date - When was this information created or updated?
  • Appearance - Does it look professional/ academic?
  • Reason - Was this information created to inform, sell, educate, entertain, or persuade?

(Adapted from guides.lib.uwo.ca/writing/evaluatingresources)

Academic integrity

Understanding Plagiarism (Laurier Library video: 4:48)

­How to cite in APA style (Laurier Library video: 4:00)

­APA formatting and style (from Purdue)

­Writing Resources (from Laurier Brantford's Centre for Student Success)

­Library support for international students


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