Jesus and Salvation

Course #: TH530B

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What is a peer-reviewed journal? Identifying peer-reviewed journals

  • remember that not all the content from a peer-reviewed journal is peer-reviewed, just the articles.
  • Omni
    • on results page, limit to "available online" and "peer-reviewed"
  • Atla Religion Database
    • limit to peer-reviewed
    • Scripture Citation search

Search for Biblical Scripture Citations


How to find scholarly books

  • Omni advanced search
  • Commentaries (explanations and interpretations of Scripture)
    • Luke commentaries (1980 - current)
      • To identify commentaries on other books of the Bible, alter the search above the results (e.g, change Luke to Mark)
  • Very Short Introductions (Oxford)
    • search for (e.g,) "Salvation" across all VSI titles to see the topic from a number of lenses

eBook tips

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