Introduction to Spirit and Community

Course #: TH530C

COVID-19 resources

This Library course page was created to assist students in locating relevant COVID-19 material, as per the syllabus:

"You are to explore the different impacts of COVID-19 on peoples and communities, especially concerning the issue under consideration. The purpose of this CSL is to help you gain a deeper understanding of sense of community and spirit, through reflection on the impact of and the response to COVID-19"


  • Considering the longer time-frame of the publication cycle, there will be very few books dealing specifically with COVID-19. However, you may find books related to pandemic responses, health care crises, government assistance, etc.
  • Search Omni for your topic. Refine your results at the left:
    • "Available online"
    • "Books and Ebooks"
  • ebooks are included but just based on the citation data. You can also search the full text of our ebooks, e.g, 

Articles (journal and magazine)

  • Search Omni for your topic. Refine your results at the left:
    • "Available online"
    • "Articles"
    • consider adding terms to COVId-19, such as "social response" or "social work" or "community organizations" etc.

Grey Literature

Grey Literature is any literature that has not been published through traditional means, and is often excluded from large databases and other mainstream sources. Grey literature can also mean literature that is hard to find or has inconsistent or missing bibliographic information. A larger list of Grey literature sources can be found here, and below are some of the sites that might be most helpful to you for this class:

Social Policy & Advocacy Websites

Canadian Think Tanks (University of Alberta Library)
Subject guide that provides an A-Z list of Canadian Think Tanks.
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social, economic and environmental justice.
Canadian Council on Social Development
A not-for-profit organization that partners and collaborates with all sectors (not-for-profit, philanthropic, government and business) and communities to advance solutions to social challenges.
Canadian Policy Research Networks
Socio-economic policy think tank.
Charity Village
A non-profit directory.
The Council of Canadians
A social action organization.
The Centre for the Study of Living Standards
A Canadian not-for-profit, independent organization that seeks to contribute to a better understanding of trends in and determinants of productivity, living standards and economic and social well-being through research.


Theses and dissertations can also be considered a form or Grey Literature, (e.g, communities and pandemics, maybe too early for COVID specifically

Finding newspaper articles

  • Finding News articles
  • Use Omni to identify news articles
    • click on "More" at the top of the page and then "Newspapers"
  • The Library subscribes to thousands of newspaper titles from around the world, so if you need help locating particular titles, or topics across a number of papers, contact Greg Sennema

Community Service Learning

The following section was compiled by Rebekah Rempel, Coordinator with Community Service-Learning.

Group 1 – Poverty and Homelessness

  • The Working Centre - unfortunately they do not have any information online about the radical actions they have taken in the time of Covid. If someone in the group is familiar with the work of the Working Centre this organization can be included. Or, I might be able to arrange for someone to be interviewed.
  • Civic Hub - they are involved with the Unsheltered campaign and the Better tent City
  • House of Friendship – they are involved in homelessness and addictions;
  • Soup for the Soul  - Based out of Brantford

Group 2 – Racism/Addiction & Gender Violence

Group 3 – Senior Care/Mental Health

Group 4 – Environment and Climate change