Family Therapy Overview

Course #: TH663M

Examples of research

Bowes, M. J. (2019). Psychological adjustment, relationship satisfaction, and communication in bereaved parents using the bowen family systems theory (Order No. 27602939).

  • see Page 74-75

James, L. L. R. (2019). The experiences of african american marriage and family therapists: Their contributions to the marriage and family therapy field (Order No. 27776309). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (2354751753).

  • What is Proquest and what is EBSCO?
  • Databases: PsycINFO vs PsychINFO, Soc Abs etc.

Database searching tips

  1. Developing a research question: for graduate students
  2. Consider word variations and synonyms
    • think about how others might refer to your ideas
    • e.g, child death, perinatal death, neonatal death, stillbirth, sudden infant death, etc.
  3. Better searching using AND, OR, NOT
    • AND (all terms) OR (one of the terms) NOT (exclude terms)
    • Parentheses and Boolean operators can be used to set apart search groups
    • NEAR/# = search terms within a specified number of words apart, e.g., nursing NEAR/3 education
  4. Limit or expand terms
    • "quotation marks" (exact) truncat* (truncate, truncates, truncated, truncation, etc.)
  5. Employ search limiters (available limiters depend on the database)
    • peer reviewed, article type, date
    • in PsycINFO, can include: age group, population group, methodology
  6. Identify key publications and authors
    • note citations, and cited references, repeated author names
  7. Document and track everything you do in the steps above

Choosing a Library Database

Research Methodologies

The Laurier Library also many resources devoted to research methodologies. Search Omni (and filter for books) for some of these terms: Action research; Case study; Field research; Grounded theory; Qualitative research; Quantitative research; Survey research; Textual Analysis. Also look at the online titles contained in our Sage Knowledge resource.


  • Search Omni to identify books at Laurier (COVID: requests to other libraries not possible)
    • limit to "Available Online"
    • limit to "Books and eBooks"
  • Search within ebook collections to search within the full text of eBooks
    • as opposed to searching just the title in Omni


  • counselling:, or Counseling and Therapy
  • popular motion pictures: ACF Cine, Criterion
  • documentaries: Docuseek, Films on Demand

Predatory Journals

Managing Citations