Evil and its Symbols

Course #: RE104OC

Getting started

Finding books

  • Finding eBooks in Omni
  • Use Omni to identify books
    • Choose "Available electronically" at top
    • Choose "Books & eBooks" at right under Resource Type
    • on the result screen, look at "subjects" at left of search results page to find more terms to search

Finding scholarly articles

  • How can I tell if my source is scholarly?
  • Use Omni to identify articles
    • Choose "Available electronically" at top
    • Choose "Articles" at right under Resource Type
    • limit to "peer-reviewed journals" (left side) to get scholarly articles

Finding newspaper articles

  • Finding News articles
  • Use Omni to identify news articles
    • click on "More" at the top of the page and then "Newspapers"
  • To follow specific news sources, search Factiva
    • At the top, choose "News Pages" then "Factiva Pages"
    • Search this newstand; see the sources on the left hand side of results

Search tips

  • Using search words effectively
    • Consider synonyms, e.g., mercy killing, physician assisted suicide, medical assistance in dying, MAID, etc. 
    • look out for other terminology in your search results, and redo the search

Evaluate your sources

  • Using good sources: evaluating what you find
    • Relevance - Does this information answer my research question?
    • Authority - Who wrote this, and who did they cite?
    • Date - When was this information created or updated?
    • Appearance - Does it look professional/academic?
    • Reason - Was this information created to inform, sell, educate, entertain, or persuade? (points adapted from Source)

Academic integrity