Disease and Society

Course #: CT203, HS203

A) Finding a focus

B) Research strategies

  • read each source as you go along; each one will lead to more (ie. check the bibliography/works cited)
  • keep track of where you look and the keywords you use
  • use a variety of sources: articles should be from more than one journal
  • start early (library staff can deliver items from other libraries)

C) Background

D) Books

  • Use the Primo Catalogue to identify books at Laurier, the Universities of Waterloo and Guelph, and the Annex

E) Identifying Scholarly Articles

F) Databases

Library Databases for Health Topics:

Library Databases for Topics with a Canadian Focus:

Library Databases for Interdisciplinary Topics:

G) Health-Specific Statistical Sources

H) Current Newspaper Sources

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