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Assistive technology support

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Library support

  • Do you have questions about your assignment or feeling a little lost?
  • Contact both Ashley Shaw and Mark Weiler

Getting Familiar with Omni

Common regions

There are some common regions that appear at the start of a page pretty consistently.

  • Banner Region:
    • Contains a navigation region, describe this
  • Search region is either filled with basic search interface elements or advanced search interface elements. When we look up a known item, the basic search does the trick. But when we research a topic, the advanced search is helpful for making specific search strings

Search results page

  • Complementary region
    • Contains filters: When we get a lot of results, we can save time by filtering them down.... Explain filter

Known problems

We are actively checking for and trying to fix problems. Here are some known ones and work arounds.

Notice a problem? Let us know. Fields for urgency, assistive tech and browser,

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