Christian Faith and Global Citizenship (Creating posters)

Course #: GC102

A typical academic poster is 36" x 48" (3x4 feet). Printing a poster this size through Laurier Printing Services could cost over $70. For this assignment, consider using bristol board(s) upon which you can affix your poster elements.


    general tips

    • Summarize; sketch out your poster (even on a napkin)
    • Think graphically and use large fonts
    • When you think you are finished, reduce the amount of your text by 20%!

    MS office

    • While MS Word can work, Powerpoint or Publisher offer addition formatting tools and flexibility
      • Write text, import graphics, create text blocks, etc.
    • Remember that all fonts should be larger than you would normally use
    • If you do create a one sheet (expensive poster)
      • Consider a standard size such as 36" x 48" (inches) -- 3' x 4' (feet) -- 91.44cm x 121.92cm
      • Open new file, blank page
      • Define the paper size: Design, Page Setup, enter width and height (width will automatically determine a landscape orientation) , OK
      • OR, get a template (Google: poster template filetype:pptx)

    images and copyright

    • Use your own own the copyright!
    • Obtain the permission of the copyright holder of an image before using an image (don’t save this for last!)
    • Include a URL location (if applicable), viewers may be interested in the images as well

    For the purpose of this poster, you can take advantage of the blanket permission for educational purposes that is granted in advance through the terms of a database license or the terms described by the online collection's owner.

    Google Image Search - Advanced

    Google's Advanced Image Search allows you to limit by "usage rights" in addition to size, color, and other parameters, includingvarious content types: news content, faces, photo content, clip art, and line drawings.


    Flickr's Advanced Search allows you to limit to "Creative Commons-licensed content," or limit further to content that can be used commercially or that can be modified, adapted, or built-upon.

    Wikimedia Commons

    Wikimedia Commons searches the images available in the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Click on an image to view copyright restrictions.