Canadian Questions

Course #: GC221/TH648V

Current news sources

  • Canadian News (Proquest)
    • Searching both Canadian Newsstand and CBCA
    • access to the full text of Canadian news sources from many Canadian newspapers, including articles, columns, editorials and feature; also to Canadian journals and magazines.
  • CPI.Q (Gale)
    • Index for Canadian academic journals and popular magazines
  • LexisNexis Academic
    • international in scope, but also includes many local papers (e.g., Waterloo Region Record)
    • less easy to use, but has some handy search commands

Topical Coverage of News

Academic Sources


Jackson, Andrew. 2015. "Liberals Faces Tough Choices in Implementing Progressive Agenda." The Globe and Mail, Oct 29.

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  • should already include the Laurier Library proxy string
    • NOTE: URL's in the Citation may not have the Laurier Library proxy string


  • Locate the "Bookmark" icon at the top of a detailed record; click, copy, and paste
  • does NOT include the Laurier Library proxy string, you need to add this

Creating alerts