Archaeology: Methods, Theory and Practice

Course #: AR102

Finding Books

Omni contains records for all the books owned by Laurier and 13 other Omni libraries.

You can also browse the Laurier shelves and find items relevant to this course at the following call numbers on the 5th floor (Waterloo campus).

  • Archaeology general -- CC
  • Prehistoric North American - Archaeology -- E
  • Prehistoric North American - Anthropology -- GN
  • Historic North American -- E150
  • Near eastern -- DS56-DS155
    • Egypt -- DT
    • Biblical studies -- BS
  • Classical - Greek history -- DF
  • Classical - Roman history -- DG

Finding Journal Articles

While Omni does contain articles, your search may return too many results. The most efficient way to find journal articles is to search a database that indexes articles from archaeological journals. Sometimes it is helpful to search and browse prominent journals in this field, including the following selective titles. Most of these are online, but some are only in print on the 4th floor.

Finding Site Reports

Site reports are core sources of archaeological excavation, and the library has some site reports in print. Many organizations and companies publish their site reports online for free, so a Google search containing "site report" (including quotation marks) and other relevant terms will yield results. For example: "site report" bishop's block.

Finding Reference and background material

The library has a wide range of reference materials in print and online. Consider starting with The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology. Other titles can be found using these links:

Finding maps